Biopreferred Shredder Oil

Chaparral Machine Services shredder lubricant is an environmentally friendly Bio-Based "green" shredder oil. Our shredder oil is:

  • Biodegradable
  • Biopreferred
  • Environmentally responsible

We teamed up with Sandia National Laboratories to test this oil. We didn't just want a "green" oil. We wanted it to also be effective. This is that oil.

Oil is the most important part of regular maintenance of almost every shredder. Having a properly oiled cutting shaft keeps the shredder running as efficiently as possible, allowing the user to get the absolute most out of it. In addition, oil maintains the quality of the cutting shaft as well as the rest of the shredder, and when oiled correctly, will prolong the machine’s life.

Part #AmountPrice
G5WTHD1 gallon$42.95/gallon
G5WTHDC4 gallon case$151.56/case
5WTHDC16 - 8oz. bottles$49.95/case
5WTHDB1 - 8oz. bottle$5.00/bottle