Shredder Bags

Chaparral Machine Services is committed to the environment and constantly looking for ways to decrease our footprint.

All of our shredder bags are:

  • Made from 94% post consumer recycled material
  • SCS recycled content certified
  • ECO friendly
  • Exceed EPA procurement guidelines by an average of 700%

The best part is all this environmental consciousness comes at NO additional cost to you; These bags cost the same as our non-recycled competitors!

But, it doesn't stop there. In addition to using recycled material to construct the bags, they are also shredder specific sized to reduce excessive unneeded plastic and are made of super hexine which is the strongest recycled material available. This provides the ability to reduce the mil thickness of the bag without surrendering any strength. In fact, our .90mil bag, capable of handling up to 110lbs dry weight, performs as well or better than the competitors bag which measure 2mil to achieve the same strength.

All of this translates into a better bag for the price with the environmental bonus of nearly half as much plastic being sent to our landfills. That's something we can all be proud of.

Part # Description Shredder Type Bags per Case Price Quantity Discount
22524CM For most high capacity shredders with a throat width of 12" or greater and up to 56 gallon capacity Department and High capacity shredders 100 $51.50/case 6 cases and up: $46.14/case
165195M For most shredders with 9" throat width and larger up to 33 gallon capacity Small office and Office shredders 100 $46.19/case 6 cases and up: $41.95/case